Introducing Human Endeavour.

Human Endeavour are Alex Currie, Richard Chivers, Simon Carruthers and Oliver Perrott, a photographic collective conceived back in 2007 with the aim of bringing together like-minded photographers with a view to curating and enabling the set up and exhibition of new works around a central theme. The objective is to exhibit photographic work that is themed in conjunction with ideas of human activity and intervention that resonate with important topical issues of the day. As a collective, these images bring together new perspective of the dialogue that occurs through our evolving relationship within the landscape we inhabit, and how this resonates upon the collective human psyche in wider society.

As a collective Human Endeavour have had 3 exhibitions to date, the first two exhibitions were curated around a central theme incorporating existing bodies of work, the third exhibition however showed work from our new project called Degeneration. This on-going project is a collaboration, produced and curated from its inception as a whole body of work. Degeneration looks at Social Housing Estates around Britain that have fallen into decline, incorporating the metropolitan conurbations of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Salford, Sheffield, Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Portsmouth.

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