Richard Chivers. Rowner Estate Gosport Portsmouth.

Richard Chivers has been investigating the Rowner Estate in Gosport as part of our Degeneration project.

The Rowner housing estate in Gosport, Portsmouth, England, has fallen into decline and is now due for regeneration. The estate fell into decline during the 1980s and 90s through a lack of investment. Drug problems and anti social behavior resulted in the material and social fabric of the area collapsing, leading some commentators to label it the Worst Estate in the South East of England. Investigating this marginalized space I am interested in exploring ideas of displacement and a collapse of a sense of community or sense of place.

The Rowner Estate, Gosport, Portsmouth, 2009. Richard Chivers

The Rowner Estate, Gosport, Portsmouth, 2009. Richard Chivers

The Rowner Estate, Gosport, Portsmouth, 2009. Richard Chivers

3 Responses to “Richard Chivers. Rowner Estate Gosport Portsmouth.”
  1. Stacey93 says:

    That yellow house is my old home, it wasn’t all drugs and anti-social behaviour, the larger, end houses were privately owned (like ours) and surrounded by council housing for those on little income. I’m still in this area and there seems to be even lesser sense of community, the middle of the court was great for us kids to play in view of our parents but now there seems to just be roads. I suppose it does look a bit better.

  2. Mark H says:

    I grew up there in the 80’s and it was a great place, full of Navy families.everybody knew one another, and there was a great community spirit.

  3. Gosport Heritage Open Days (8-11 Sept 2016) are keen to encourage an event which shows the changing face of Rowner, from before the Rowner Estate and through to the current developement of Alver Village. We’d love to be able to show Richard Chivers work for the Degeneration project. Please do contact me (Terry Rhodes – current Chair of Gosport Heritage Open Days) with any ideas for this 🙂

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