Introducing “vea collective”

vea collective is a young European-Southamerican photographic collective founded in 2010, the members are Eunice Adorno and Monica Gonzales both based in Mexico, Christian Rodriguez based in Spain, Irving Villegas based in Germany and Mona Simon bases in the UK and Germany. 

We all feel very passionate about storytelling through photography and believe that our cultural background and individual approach to Photography helps us developing a dialogue, reflect and discuss human and environmental realities based on the different local or national circumstances we live in or originate from.

The aim of the collective is to work together, support each other in promoting our work and discover topics and issues we as individuals but also as a group find interesting and important to be told. The fact that we originate from different continents helps us to see the developing work through different angles.

We appreciate to be part of the collective encounter and are looking forward to work on this project.

©Christian Rodriguez / Vea Collective

©Christian Rodriguez / Vea Collective

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