Format Festival’s pre-launch was worth frozen feet and cold fingers

From the left: Arun Nangla and Armando Ribeiro (ASA), Louise Taylor and Richard Glynn (Wideyed), and Srinivas Kuruganti (ASA), all talking to a member of Format team / © Wideyed

‘Over 80 people gathered at St Pancras Station’, counted @MarketingDerby. Asa, Wideyed and Human Endeavour collectives braved the ‘serious sub-zero with a biting arctic wind’ (Alex Currie) to represent the Collectives Encounter at Format11 festival pre-launch yesterday. Nobody forgot to mention that ‘a glass or two of mulled wine helped keep fingers and feet warm’ (Lucy Carolan). I have to confess that I am not equipped for such extreme conditions, so I was feeling quite safe and warm in Barcelona following and supporting the much awaited event from twitter and facebook!

Quad Artistic Director and Format Festival curator (and singer, dancer, writter etc) Louise Clements had to compete with departing and arriving trains at the very busy station! Though, what a fantastic metaphor to introduce the exciting ‘Right Here, Right Now: Exposure from the Public Realm’ program to the audience!

Our dear friend and Format well-chosen patron, Young Brian Griffin ‘was extremely gracious about Bruce Gilden […] He even called him a genius!’ according to @Fiona_Rogers (Cultural & Education Coordinator, Magnum Photos) on twitter. It is worth mentioning that Brian knows pretty well St Pancras as London and Continental Railways commissioned him a substantial work about the station (you can see the work here).

Louise Clements announced the highlights of Format’s program and the Collectives Encounter is really proud to stand among a really brilliant line-up of artists we all admire:
Magnum Photos’ Bruce Gilden, Amy Stein, Joel Meyerowitz, Michael Wolf, Zhao Liang, Polly Braden, Raghu Rai, Orville Robertson, Wassink Lundgren, In-Public and Mehraneh Atashi

and many more to be announced soon! You can download a preview of the festival’s program here.

I remember asking collectives to DOCUMENT the event for us in Barcelona, Birmingham, Madrid, Brighton, Mexico City, Frankfort, Paris, Pristina, Jerusalem, the West Bank, to feel like we were there… Nevertheless, my dear collectives members who attended the event are so exquisite they came back with ‘a couple of rubbish snaps on facebook, and hopefully some better ones will come in, even if it means waiting for Armando Ribeiro to develop his Holga shots’! (I won’t betray my sources)

So, I assume that another post with arty images dedicated to Format pre-launch is coming soon. Meanwhile, Format11 has also launched part 1 of their new and beautiful website and we are really looking forward to being on 3rd March 2011 for the official launch of the festival!

to be continued then…

yasmina reggad

3 Responses to “Format Festival’s pre-launch was worth frozen feet and cold fingers”
  1. You are definitely well informed… Lets hope the HOLGA doesn’t betray us… 🙂

  2. looking forward to your frozen shots and your version of the event!

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  1. […] I came across a Bruce Gilden photo essay on the Magnum website recently and decided to share a link to it here, as there are obvious links to Human Endeavour‘s Degeneration project but also Gilden has been commissioned to make new work in Derby for the Format Festival. Brian Griffin described him as a ‘Genius’ at the Format launch party. […]

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