‘Robinson in Space’ Patrick Keiller.

“The true mystery of the world is the visible not the invisable”

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Robinson in Space. (d. Patrick Keiller, 1996) begins with Robinson’s unseen narrator quoting the 1960s French radical Situationist Raoul Vaneigem demanding that “a bridge between imagination and reality must be built.” It ends with Robinson’s disappearance and the narrator declaring that “I cannot tell you where Robinson finally found his Utopia.” In between is the search for that Utopia in the industrial landscape of England, and an attempt to bridge the gap between two worlds.

Keiller’s other films of note are ‘London’ and ‘Robinson in Ruins’ all worth watching.

2 Responses to “‘Robinson in Space’ Patrick Keiller.”
  1. Thanks for sharing this really good reference! A couple of years ago, Simon Roberts mentioned it on his blog during the We English project and I promised myself to watch it. Thanks for the reminder! Do you have the DVD?
    Btw, Guy Debord is French but the other ‘brain’ of Situationist International Raoul Vaneigem is Belgium 🙂

    • Hello, thanks for you reply, I do have a copy of the film, it was a double cd with Keiller’s other interesting film London on it. I have lent it to someone and I cannot remember who, so I am going to try to track it down.

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