My flânerie with Alec Soth and Richard Long

I am afraid everyone would think (quite rightly) that my bookshelves are monolingual with all these French references! Au contraire!

However, there is plenty of room for any other books, films etc and wordpress doesn’t carry them. So far, Human Endeavour has put some weight on the British  side with works which are little disseminated.

To prove that I am not ‘ethnocentric’ but egocentric, I am connecting to my collaboration with Alec Soth* and indirectly with Richard Long, two experts in flânerie!



click on the image to go there


* Last June, I have been commissioned an interview of the American artist Alec Soth. I believe he is the most interviewed photographer in the world. Therefore, I decided not to conduct a straight interview because I wasn’t sure it would be challenging enough for both of us. So I suggested we’ll go ahead with an old idea of blog I had in mind and we started to exchange ideas through all kind of material, from quotes to poetry and web comments.

The complete  exchange can be seen here.

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