on we roll!

Waiting in a state of limbo as Yasmina will feed back tonight on our test piece. Time is running away with us, will we need to re shoot, but feel the work is in a steady rate of progression. So far it’s been a good atmosphere shooting together, and especially bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating in a new way for us as a relative young collective.

It’s become an interesting and learning curve and also a good process for the collective to understand how each other works. Whilst most of us have shot in the space numerous times now, it’s taken some time to translate the Flaneur individually. I know for myself that the first shoot felt more observational (flaneur anyone?!) and less street photographer, and another shoot is needed for sure. It’s a shame the weather has been so grey of late though, a bit of sun wouldn’t go amiss!

The space we’ve been shooting in, a central location in Birmingham – Chamberlain Square, we hadn’t anticipated it being so empty, I think we were expecting more hustle and bustle. So despite being so familiar with it as we have our regular catch ups in that area, the space surprised us. I guess when you stand still and take time to observe you start to see things in a new and different light, which has certainly been the case in this instance.

As a Collective of diverse talents working on this idea of flaneur and being street photographer’s has been a different way of working for some of us. It’s been painterly, playful, exciting and also slightly terrifying! The Collectives Encounter is a big opportunity and we’re so happy to be part of it, but we also know that we don’t want to let ourselves down. So it’s in trepidation we are preparing to present as a collective, especially when we questioned the value as individuals what we were bringing to the collective piece.

But on we roll! The city walls and inferno await another bashing amid our camera’s glare!


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