what we are doing when we are not a ‘we’

the Collectives Encounter is meant to behave like a monster collective when we are in Derby in March. this is a bit what should happen here on the blog in this last month of preparation of the exhibition.

while the beast is asleep, we all are juggling with other ongoing projects or commitments and it was about time to tell you more about this.

me, me, me, me:

I am presently visiting curator (since mid-November) at Foto Colectania Foundation in Barcelona (Spain) thanks to the support of the European Commission. this year again, I’ve managed to escape most of the winter.

check out their fantastic collection of Spanish and Portuguese contemporary photography, it is the finest in Europe!





I collaborated with Brazilian collective Galeria Experiência who were the Christmas editors of PARATY EM FOCO blog (major Brazilian Photo Festival). They invited me to curate online… one-year worth of their ‘mobile bin’ (random photographs they’ve takien with their mobile phone). I did brilliantly in ‘wild Portuguese’ (I am well-known on the blog for this) and had so much fun I ended up with the most obscure quote by Hegel, so nobody ever said I did a crab job!







I am thrilled to be one of the judges of the International Street Photography Award organised by the London Street Photography Festival (other judges: Brett Jefferson Stott, David Gibson, Ed Robinson, James Dodd, Mike Seaborne, Nick Turpin, Sophie Howarth, Tiffany Jones).

deadline to enter: 31st March 2011.




I will review portfolios Saturday 5th March at Format11 Photo Festival Portfolio Reviews next to my friends I am so looking forward to catching up with and others I can’t wait to meet!

spaces are quickly filling up and you have until Monday 14th February to book your 5 reviewers.







them, them, them, them:

members from the collectives participating in the Collectives Encounter seem very shy or embarrassed (?) to post about their ongoing activities.

I had to grab information from twitter and spying them on facebook (I know where they are and when they come back home!) to update you on their social life.

being a collective is also a good platform to promote several photographers at the same time: so many hands to twit, facebook and blog!

you can follow them here: Human Endeavour, Vea Collective, Wideyed, ASA collective


Newsha Tavakolian, member of Rawiya collectives had a her first solo show in Tehran at Aaran Art Gallery over Christmas and the New Year. She was showing  ‘Listen‘ and part of this new body of work will be exhibited in ‘The Flâneur‘ exhibition.







Dalia Khamissy, member of Rawiya collective, collaborated with Benjamin Chesterton (duckrabitt) on a radio program for the BBC World Service. ‘Open Eyes: Missing Lebanon’ attempts to uncover what happened to the thousands of people who were kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war.








Alex Currie, member of Human Endeavour collective, has 2 of his photographs from the ongoing collective project ‘Degeneration‘ selected for the Salon Photo Prize exhibition at Matt Roberts Arts Project Space. the collective exhibition will take place from 4 February – 26 February 2011.

the 2 photographs will then travel to Derby to be exhibited as part of ‘The Flâneur‘ exhibition.



ASA collective members organise every two month evening projections at Cafe B in London. On 18th January, they’ve collaborated with the City of London & Cripplegate Photographic Society and organised a special screening made of a selection of some of the best works shown over the last 5 months. they’ve already invited great people such as Anna Steven and Anne Bourgeois-Vignon to curate the projection night.

next evening projection and guest curator to be announced soon.








busy bees!

yasmina reggad






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