from the Middle East to the UK

The ultimate questions
Rawiya’s members are getting ready for the 2nd Collectives Encounter at Format11. We are sorry for silence but our region is going through a radical change and we are all mesmerised in front of TV, watching news and trying hard not to bite our nails!!
Being non UK nationals, most of us had to apply for Business visas!! Other than it is time consuming and confusing, some questions are sadly hilarious and I wanted to share here a moment when I wonder which case to tag especially when I am in front of this specific question “In times of either peace or war have you, ever been involved in, or suspected of involvement in, war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.” For the other questions, my brain really asks “Define Terrorism” but unfortunately I am not given the choice to ask, just a tag between YES or NO, not even a MAYBE!!!
More posts are coming soon about Rawiya‘s work in progress, we are just cooking them now and will be posting them really soon! Until then, I hope that no UK official will be reading this post except if they have a good sense of humour!
One Response to “from the Middle East to the UK”
  1. very interesting the process that you’re having to go through and like you said sad too. Really enjoying your blogs, very thought provoking and engaging to read.

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