latest test video – “Orchestra of Disorientation”

So in the last blog I mentioned that Jo, George and myself (I’m Jaskirt btw!) had a mini meeting of minds and starting to brain storm how we should shape the video with our keywords.

So George has got to work on some of those key concepts of grouping our photographs and making them flow in a cycle (from play to flow of people to expressions and characters etc – see the spider diagram picture in the previous blog!).

Also very exciting (can you tell how annoyingly excited I am?!) we have a working title: “Orchestra of Disorientation”. We are the conductors (like puppet master’s) out to make you feel as if you’re spinning on a roundabout of feelings, photographs, scenes and more. It’s a work in progress but we’re getting there.

Anyhow watch it as it is so far and please do leave comments and feedback below! (click on the  picture and it will take you vimeo link)


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