Thoughts on text


As our ideas of the flaneur and what we’ve shot start to culminate into it’s final piece, we have been reflecting on the idea of using text within out video. The use of text is prominent in my own personal work, complimenting, questioning or probing deeper into the subjects I explore.

So when we were discussing the use of it in the video we thought it could aid the work or break it up in a negative way. However  as George has started to edit the video together our feelings right now are to test a couple of text bits in the film as it may help people make a connection to the work…. As I said in a previous blog about the work opening up the discussion, so maybe a couple of questions could pop in, quite open and unanswered in that vain

So a few initial thoughts and ideas bouncing around The Photography Collective of what those thoughts/questions or snippets of overheard conversation could be especially in relation to our experience of the flaneur:

  • As I observe the passing motion, I wonder what those around me ponder.
  • Am I invading their privacy or reverie?
  • Where does the flâneur end? And where do they begin? (inspired by Rawiya Collective)
  • Is not human life divine? (BY OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES SR. – inspired from Vea Collective’s blog)
  • Wake up wake up down there! (Snippets of conversation overheard whilst I was lying on the floor taking photographs!)
  • Does the stroller stroll aimlessly?
  • please follow me (inspired by Sophie Calle and the readings posted by the Vea Collective)


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