Human Endeavour ‘Flanerie’.

As we have been making our project Degeneration, we have set ourselves some rules to try and stick to when taking photographs. As we have 4 photographers in our group and want to mix our photographs together in the exhibition and book format, we need to have some form of continuity throughout.

So we are all using 5×4 large format cameras, this gives us the same format, quality of image and graduation of tones to start with.

We try to photograph in overcast light, no big shadows making the scene too dramatic and no massive blue skies. In a kind of Germantic style, although we are not as fussy as the Bechers are in their photographic practice.(This is not always easy especially if you have travelled from Brighton to Glasgow only to find blue skies all week)

Another rule we have set is to avoid photographing people within our images. This is not to say people are not important to the project but we feel we do not need to identify anyone with the work we are doing and that the images themselves have a stronger message without any people in them.

Try and avoid getting any cars in the photographs, this is not always easy either.

Having said all that we have found that as we have been investigating the different areas around the Country we have been meeting interesting people and seeing things we would like to photograph as a way of taking notes, our ‘Flanerie’ if you like.

So to combat this curiosity we decided to start capturing some of these elements with a Polaroid camera, a complete low-fi opposite to the large format camera, which has its own charm and is often an interesting tool for taking notes, i have attached some of the polaroids here in no particular order. Hopefully we will be showing some of the polaroids in the Collectives Encounter exhibition.


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