Orchestra of Disorientation – the final video ready for installation

Click on the image to watch the video in vimeo. Or alternatively click here: http://vimeo.com/20236127 

As we’re gearing up to the Format Festival, me and Jane from The Photography Collective are working on press release’s to spread the word about Collectives Encounter. And Martin will be installing the work this weekend in Derby too. Exciting stuff. I’m also working on a press release for my Women’s football work which is being exhibited in Manchester next month too, so lots to keep me busy today. Also I have to say I’ve loved blogging and reading the blogs of the other Collectives on here, it’s been fascinating to see the process they’ve gone through and it’s also helped a lot for us to bounce ideas that have been flying about from this blog.

A bit of a formal introduction to our work for Collective’s Encounter in case you’re not overly familiar, here goes:

The Photography Collective’s installation, Orchestra of Disorientation, explores the concept of the Flâneur and surveillance from a central thoroughfare for pedestrian in Birmingham, UK. Resulting in an immersive and disorientating piece of photographic street theatre: a collective orchestra of life.

The idea about cycle became central to The Photography Collective’s work, the flâneur is someone who takes continuous images of a split second of a passing cycle and the motion of people. However the photographic work arguably only comes into its own as an edited film – exploring the motion of modern life that the editor chooses to conduct, or not.

One Response to “Orchestra of Disorientation – the final video ready for installation”
  1. Hello, I had a sneak preview of this when i was putting up the Human Endeavour show last week, brilliant stuff I really like it, I cant wait to have a proper look later this week and meet the rest of the Collective.


    Richard (Human Endeavour)

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