Mapping Boreal Collective

Consisting of Canadian-based photojournalists Rafal Gerszak, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Brett Gundlock, Jonathan Taggart and Ian Willms, the Boreal Collective is committed to the documentation of injustice and inequities that exist environmentally, socially, culturally and politically in Canada and abroad.

Boreal is devoted to revealing impactful and compelling narratives, from front page news stories to topics lost in the geopolitical margins.The collective strives to produce meaningful photojournalistic work as a collaborative body, and its members provide ongoing encouragement and support toward the individual projects of their fellow Boreal colleagues.The members of the collective offer a diversity of professional, cultural and social experiences that inform the work of Boreal’s members, and ultimately strengthen the collective goal of inspiring a greater social consciousness in their communities, in Canada, and around the globe.

Beginning in 2011, the members of the Boreal Collective will be collaborating on a comprehensive series of photo essays about one of Canada’s most controversial undertakings in history. This project will be officially announced in May on the Boreal Collective website (

* Boreal Collective is taking part in ’Mapping the Flâneur’ by ASA Collective and Wideyed at FORMAT11

From “Capital”, 2009-2010 © Rafal Gerszak

From “Morocco”, 2009-2010 © Aaron Vincent Elkaim

From “The Movement”, 2007-2010 © Brett Gundlock

From “First Nations Foster Care Crisis”, 2009-2011 © Jonathan Taggart

From “Detroit”, 2007-2010 © Ian Willms

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