Mapping Verso Images

Verso Images is a Russian collective of the five emerging documentary photographers, working on stories of social changes in Russia and former USSR. It was founded in 2009.

The collective consists of five members: Olga Kravets (based in London), Maria Morina (based in Moscow), Alexander Sedelnikov (based n St. Petersburg), Victor Yuliev (based in St. Petersburg) and Oksana Yushko (based in Moscow). They all are concentrated on personal photography and multimedia projects in collaboration between the members of the collective.

Among the awards, grants and nominations, received by the members of the collective, are The Aftermath Project, Rory Peck Trust bursary, Chevening scholarship, Young Photographers of Russia award, Hearst 8×10 Photography Biennial, Kandinsky prize, War on Want’s Document Photography, Shots Directory Photography Competition, and Conscientious Portfolio Competition.

Three members of Verso (Olga Kravets, Maria Morina and Oksana Yushko) are currently involved into the long-term joint project Grozny: Nine Cities. It was inspired by a Thornton Wilder book, ‘Theophilus North‘, and is exploring aspects of the aftermath of two Chechen wars by considering them as levels of existence hidden within Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. Production of the project web documentary is also underway. It will be showcased at New York Photofestival/Provocation Exhibition, and presented as a slide show at The Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Olga Kravets has currently finishing working on two projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first one about the legacy of Ratko Mladic, the most wanted man in the world after Osama bin Laden, and the second one is about radical Islam, while doing her MA in documentary photography in The London University of Arts.

Maria Morina is working on her personal project concentrated on how drugs become part of the regular life of young people in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, observing young people’s routine life and their personal stories, using both stills and video.

Alexander Sedelnikov is preparing for his graduation from the Institute of Cinema and TV in St. Petersburg and carrying on working on the story about his city with the working title “Hakneyed Phrases”.

Victor Yuliev is preparing his new exhibition of the Sleepers project and is considering laying out a book. He is also currently attending the Photography as an Emotional Experience course at FotoDepartament (

Oksana Yushko is currently working on her personal projects in the Crimea, Ukraine exploring life of ordinary people. In March 2011 she was the selected participant of Noor/Nikon masterclass in Bucharest, Romania (

* Verso Images is taking part in ’Mapping the Flâneur’ by ASA Collective and Wideyed at FORMAT11
Image © Olga Kravets
Image © Maria Morina
Image © Alexander Sedelnikov
Image © Victor Yuliev
Image © Oksana Yushko

Verso Images

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