Mapping Dvafoto

M. Scott Brauer and Matt Lutton started Dvafoto in 2005 as blog that showed two pictures, one from each photographer, side by side. It was a place where we could publish our pictures that would be seen in no other outlet; our audience was mostly our friends and maybe a bit of the public that wandered past. Sometime around 2008 we decided that we had more to say that just our own pictures would allow and wanted to share some of the stories and work we were seeing around the internet and changed the format to what we have now. Our goal is to share the pictures and stories that we find interesting, coming from the perspective of two young working photojournalists. Sometimes we’ll have a stronger opinion on something in the news (industry or international) and we’ll focus on that. Other times we’ll share our experiences living and working outside the normal spheres. Overall we’ve had a great response for this project, it has become a resource for the industry and those interested in what documentary photographers are talking about.

Since the beginning, when we were two college photographers just starting out of Seattle and in New York, we’ve had the idea of working together on projects but it for one reason or another has never come together. The Dvafoto project today is mostly a conduit for sharing stories and news that isn’t created by us, but our perspective and also our work will always be the backbone of the collective. For years we have been living in far corners of the world (for Scott, first China and now Boston, for Lutton, Belgrade, Serbia) yet we’ve been able to maintain and grow our project. This is hugely interesting and rewarding, and helps underscore the advantages of modern means of communication and sharing on the web. It also makes us very energetic for what the future might bring.

The ‘Mapping the Flanuer’ project is the closest we’ve come to a joint photographic project and we’re thankful for this opportunity and motivation. We are discussing some other ideas now, and are looking forward to future collaborative projects. A story that we could both photograph, with our own voices and contributing from our particular locations, would be amazing. Someday soon we hope.

Matt Lutton recently graduated from the University of Washington and is continuing his long term personal projects in The Balkans from his studio in Belgrade, Serbia.

M Scott Brauer recently returned to the United States after three years of work in China and is transitioning towards many opportunities in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Publications are pursuing our projects and we are eager to share our work with broader audiences in the coming days. Our partnership is codifying in an exciting way. Watch our work and our writing and keep your tabs on emerging international photojournalism.

Image © Matt Lutton

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