Mapping Galeria Experiência

Diego Lajst, Juliana Nadin, Daniel Gutierrez, Davi Boarato and Ali Cameron form Galeria Experiência.

The collective has been in existence since 2008, with a work dynamic which prioritizes equality and independence. Our work is guided by photographic aesthetics, and blends together video, photos, audio and text. Besides commercial work, we also have strong authorial research, with the example of the series ‘Um dois três e ja’ (One two three go) which is comprised of short films that reflect on memory and childhood.

In 2010 we filmed and directed the documentary ‘We.Music ‘, which depicts the independent music scene in São Paulo and was selected for the In-Edit 2011 International Festival of Music Documentaries in Brazil. We’ve had works displayed in exhibitions in Sao Paulo, including Itaú Cultural for the Latin American Forum of Photography, Gallery Virgilio, and in Sesc SP for the Generation 00 exhibition, which will display the last decade of photography in Brazil.

* Galeria Experiência is taking part in ’Mapping the Flâneur’ by ASA Collective and Wideyed at FORMAT11

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