Mapping Zorye Kolektiv

Photographers Jaka Adamic, Luka Cjuha, Matjaz Rust and Jaka Gasar formed Zorye Kolektiv to share their common interests and act together. The four of them work as photojournalists for various Slovenian media.

Zorye Kolektiv is the first photo collective in Slovenia, and joining together has enabled the photographers to have a platform for expressing their views of the world from their specific perspectives, in addition to their everyday assignments. It has also offered them a better way to promote documentary photography and increase its visibility. For the most part, the members of the Zorye Kolektiv cover domestic issues. At first sight, Slovenia might seem a slightly dull country, yet it reveals under its thin surface many very interesting and unique stories. The four photographers also document social issues, amongst them those relating to marginal social groups. When humanitarian projects are raised they support them by participating in charity exhibitions. Although they watch sad stories through their camera and through media reports all over the world, their wish is also to reflect other, brighter sides of life.

Currently, the members of Zorye Kolektiv are working on various projects. Jaka Gasar has been documenting: the life of Roma communities on their way to inclusion in society; the life of the iron industry town of Jesenice, which is also known for its immigrant workers from ex-Yugoslavia; and also the Slovenian Navy, which is likely to be the smallest navy in the world. Matjaz Rust has been documenting the story of a drug addict girl who strives to withdraw from drugs and recapture normal life. Members of Zorye Kolektiv make interviews with renowned local and world famous photographers, which they post on their website. Agencies such as Reuters, AP, AFP and EPA have bought their photos. Zorye Kolektiv has also founded a cultural and arts society in order to share their knowledge and experience with enthusiastic photographers, especially those of a younger generation. Members of Zorye Kolektiv have received multiple awards at the Slovenia Press Photo and the Slovene Association of Journalists contests. They have been preparing a summary exhibition of their work since they are celebrating the first anniversary of their collective activities.


Brnik, 2009 © Jaka Adamic

Helsinki, 2007 © Luka Cjuha

Wall Street 2008 © Jaka Gasar

Kuta Beach, 2009 © Matjaz Rust

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