Mapping Napo Images

Napo Images was created in November 2008 by a group of friends who share mutual passion for developing and promoting documentary photography. Five photographers and a photo editor root their goals and work in classic ideals and values of photo reportage.

The agency and photographers are based in Warsaw, Poland. Having this Central Eastern European location permits fast and easy access on assignments in ex-USSR republics, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, the Balkan republics, Romania, Hungary, Germany. We work on worldwide assignments such as covering war in Afghanistan, documenting leprosy in India or the economic crisis in the USA. Filip CwikAdam Lach, Maciek Jeziorek, Piotr Malecki and Ewa Meissner concentrate their attention on creating long-term projects, reaching out for stories of  political and cultural importance with special focus on social reportage, relating to their subjects with maximum respect they deserve. We aim for the best in the form and means of communicating with our recipients, at the same time searching for new ways for documentary photography to reach broader audience by working with galleries, publishing photography albums or participating in international photography contests and festivals. Sharing inspiration and seeking new forms of analyzing visually the  world we live in, results in Napo Images’  efforts being published by leading Polish and international press.

* Napo Images is taking part in ’Mapping the Flâneur’ by ASA Collective and Wideyed at FORMAT11

Image © Filip Cwik

Image ©Adam Lach

Image ©Maciek Jeziorek

Image ©Piotr Malecki

Image ©Ewa Meissner
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