Collectives Encounter’s flânerie to Fotofestiwal 2012 in Lodz (Poland)

The Collectives Encounter has been invited by Lodz Fotofestiwal to participate in this year’s edition and be part of an exhibition programme curated around the ideas of cooperation, networking and community building.

We are very pleased to share the Collective Space with Sputnik Photos TerraProjectNOOR  and  Verso. The Collective space is dedicated to photographer’s groups and initiatives based on cooperation and networking.

Sketch by Richard Glynn / Wideyed, 2011

We decided that the most relevant project to represent the two editions of the Collectives Encounter at Format Festival was ‘Mapping the Flâneur‘, the fantastic and challenging art work ASA and Wideyed created for the ‘The Flâneur. The Dwelling Place of the Collectivein 2011. This project is a the perfect metaphor of the Collectives Encounter: a collective of collectives. 20 collectives throughout the world developed a constantly evolving exhibition of crowd-sourced new work over a month.

In Lodz, we will present a multimedia piece which compiles the three flâneries collectives have followed through March 2011 to get to Derby: Consuming, Urbanising and Transporting. Inspired by the development of cloud printing, the installation ‘Mapping the Flâneur’ remotely produced daily prints for the exhibition, and the images were also tracked online on the project’s website

where and when to find us in Lodz:

Tylna 9/11
opening hours
10.05 (Thu): 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
11.05–20.05 (Mon-Sun): 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
latest entrance: 7.00 p.m.

opening: 10.05, 6 p.m.
exhibition will be held: 10–20.05

Sketch by Richard Glynn / Wideyed, 2011

Wideyed and ASA Re-Mapped the Flâneur last year at Newcastle Arts Centre  (UK) to coincide with Sunderland University’s ‘The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0‘ Symposium.

‘Mapping the Flâneur’ was produced with the support of Arts Council England, Photo-Festivals and Format Festival, and made possible by the generous contributions of collectives throughout the world.


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