Collectives Encounter’s flânerie to Fotofestiwal 2012 in Lodz (Poland)

The Collectives Encounter has been invited by Lodz Fotofestiwal to participate in this year’s edition and be part of an exhibition programme curated around the ideas of cooperation, networking and community building. We are very pleased to share the Collective Space with Sputnik Photos , TerraProject, NOOR  and  Verso. The Collective space is dedicated to photographer’s groups … Continue reading

Mapping Black Box

BLACK BOX was founded in 2006, following a photography workshop on the theme ‘Football World’ led by Nigerian/Berlin-based photographer Mr Akinbode Akinyibi at the Goethe Institute Lagos. Made up initially of 13 photographers of varied age and education, Black Box is a melting pot of temperaments and energy. Over the five years since the group was … Continue reading

Mapping Napo Images

Napo Images was created in November 2008 by a group of friends who share mutual passion for developing and promoting documentary photography. Five photographers and a photo editor root their goals and work in classic ideals and values of photo reportage. The agency and photographers are based in Warsaw, Poland. Having this Central Eastern European location … Continue reading

Mapping Collectif Item

Depuis une vingtaine d’années, en France comme à l’étranger, nombre de photographes font le choix de se regrouper afin d’imaginer ensemble leurs propres modalités de travail et de production. Ces structures collectives, montées sur le modèle des agences coopératives, cherchent par le biais de l’échange et du partage des moyens de production, à proposer des images « au … Continue reading

Mapping Zorye Kolektiv

Photographers Jaka Adamic, Luka Cjuha, Matjaz Rust and Jaka Gasar formed Zorye Kolektiv to share their common interests and act together. The four of them work as photojournalists for various Slovenian media. Zorye Kolektiv is the first photo collective in Slovenia, and joining together has enabled the photographers to have a platform for expressing their … Continue reading

Mapping Depiefoto

Depiefoto nace en octubre del 2009. Es un blog dónde Elena Sarmiento (periodista) y Ana Zaragoza (fotógrafa) conjugan sus talentos para dar lugar a historias mínimas: las fotografías de Ana se enriquecen con los textos de Elena y viceversa. Su universo común habla de la vida, de esa de todos los días. En febrero de … Continue reading

Mapping Dvafoto

M. Scott Brauer and Matt Lutton started Dvafoto in 2005 as blog that showed two pictures, one from each photographer, side by side. It was a place where we could publish our pictures that would be seen in no other outlet; our audience was mostly our friends and maybe a bit of the public that … Continue reading

Mapping Garapa

Garapa is a collective of photographers and multimedia artists founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 2007. Initially integrated by Leo Caobelli, Paulo Fehlauer and Rodrigo Marcondes, nowadays the group has 8 members on and off. The collective is concerned with conceiving and producing critical and independent documentary content, integrating alternative narratives and storytelling. Members are … Continue reading

Mapping Galeria Experiência

Diego Lajst, Juliana Nadin, Daniel Gutierrez, Davi Boarato and Ali Cameron form Galeria Experiência. The collective has been in existence since 2008, with a work dynamic which prioritizes equality and independence. Our work is guided by photographic aesthetics, and blends together video, photos, audio and text. Besides commercial work, we also have strong authorial research, … Continue reading

Mapping Dreamboats Collective

Dreamboats Collective is a photo agency specializing in fine art and editorial work. The collective was founded in 2008 by Adam Golfer, Joe Leavenworth, TJ Proechel and Daniel Shea, four friends who attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. Originally, DBC began as an image blog and “studio space,” for the members to keep abreast … Continue reading