the flaneur – a viewer who takes pleasure in abandoning himself

The literary critic, Walter Benjamin described the word  “flâneur” as a stroller who aimlessly strolls . They are solitary saunterers, becoming a part of the landscape of their times, a viewer who takes pleasure in abandoning himself to the artificial world of high capitalist civilisation. …….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….……. Langsam durch belebte Strassen zu gehen, ist ein besonderes … Continue reading

For Vea Collective: ‘Suite Vénitienne. Please Follow Me’ by Sophie Calle and Jean Baudrillard

As we were discussing Vea Collective‘s contribution to the ‘Flâneur’ exhibition, Christian Rodriguez asked if he could conduct his work as a fictional story referring to staged situations. Vea Collective is studying the relationship between flâneur and artificial spaces of leisure. Mona Simon recommended him to look at Sarah Moon‘s work. I believe she was … Continue reading

Eunice Adorno wins the prestigious Fernando Benítez Prize in Mexico

We are thrilled and proud to announce that Eunice Adorno, member of Vea Collective, has been awarded the National Journalism Prize Fernando Benítez 2010 (Photography) for her essay ‘Fraum Blaum’. The series is about the daily life of women in a Mennonite community of Northern Mexico (Nuevo Ideal, Durango). Congrats to Eunice! Check out her … Continue reading

Introducing “vea collective”

vea collective is a young European-Southamerican photographic collective founded in 2010, the members are Eunice Adorno and Monica Gonzales both based in Mexico, Christian Rodriguez based in Spain, Irving Villegas based in Germany and Mona Simon bases in the UK and Germany.  We all feel very passionate about storytelling through photography and believe that our … Continue reading