Mapping Black Box

BLACK BOX was founded in 2006, following a photography workshop on the theme ‘Football World’ led by Nigerian/Berlin-based photographer Mr Akinbode Akinyibi at the Goethe Institute Lagos. Made up initially of 13 photographers of varied age and education, Black Box is a melting pot of temperaments and energy. Over the five years since the group was … Continue reading

Mapping Napo Images

Napo Images was created in November 2008 by a group of friends who share mutual passion for developing and promoting documentary photography. Five photographers and a photo editor root their goals and work in classic ideals and values of photo reportage. The agency and photographers are based in Warsaw, Poland. Having this Central Eastern European location … Continue reading

Mapping Collectif Item

Depuis une vingtaine d’années, en France comme à l’étranger, nombre de photographes font le choix de se regrouper afin d’imaginer ensemble leurs propres modalités de travail et de production. Ces structures collectives, montées sur le modèle des agences coopératives, cherchent par le biais de l’échange et du partage des moyens de production, à proposer des images « au … Continue reading

Mapping Zorye Kolektiv

Photographers Jaka Adamic, Luka Cjuha, Matjaz Rust and Jaka Gasar formed Zorye Kolektiv to share their common interests and act together. The four of them work as photojournalists for various Slovenian media. Zorye Kolektiv is the first photo collective in Slovenia, and joining together has enabled the photographers to have a platform for expressing their … Continue reading

Mapping Boreal Collective

Consisting of Canadian-based photojournalists Rafal Gerszak, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Brett Gundlock, Jonathan Taggart and Ian Willms, the Boreal Collective is committed to the documentation of injustice and inequities that exist environmentally, socially, culturally and politically in Canada and abroad. Boreal is devoted to revealing impactful and compelling narratives, from front page news stories to topics … Continue reading

Mapping Belgrade Raw

BelgradeRaw is a collective of five photographers showing a different Belgrade. We don’t care about common touristic & glam stuff, instead we focus on real people and places. Our goal is to help build a better, more open and honest image of our city. For that purpose, we use the following: Our website, to showcase different sets … Continue reading

Mapping TerraProject

TerraProject Photographers is an Italian collective of documentary photographers founded in Florence in 2006. TerraProject currently has four members: Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Pietro Paolini and Rocco Rorandelli. Coming from diverse educational backgrounds, the photographers of the collective complement each other in the various aspects of their photographic work, from project managing to distribution. In … Continue reading

The video killed the radio star…

… But gave a new life to photographs and photostories!!! This past weekend I was busy putting together a couple of showreels for the opening of FORMAT… Here is ASA collective’s one. EnjoY!

ramping up to the festival

The festival is not that far away now and as it fast approaches we’re getting more exciting about seeing the other collectives as well as our own final piece. So far we have a test video that  is starting to make our collectives work join together, it’s still in it’s infancy, but it’s shaping up … Continue reading

The Photography Collective

The Photography Collective is a 15-strong group of photographers and fine art professionals from the West of Midlands in the heart of the UK. The group provides a forum to create new projects and exhibitions as well as make new connections and share ideas on fine art photography. The collective also brings together an extensive … Continue reading