Estates by Lynsey Hanley.

  Lynsey Hanley’s book ‘Estates’ has been really insightful with our Degeneration project in mind. Hanley grew up on the Chelmsley Wood estate on the edge of Birmingham,  which was completed in 1971, her book about class and council housing is part-memoir, part-history and examines from both inside and outside the causes of the ‘spirit-sapping’ … Continue reading

For Human Endeavour: Psychogéographie by Antoine d’Agata (updated)

I have asked Human Endeavour why there weren’t any human being present in their ‘Degeneration‘ series. As they are based in Brighton, some would make a quick connection: Magnum Photo’s Mark Power’s disciples. I leave them explain their choices and approach in another post. Please note that ‘Degeneration’ when exhibited includes research Polaroids taken whilst … Continue reading

Format Festival’s pre-launch was worth frozen feet and cold fingers

‘Over 80 people gathered at St Pancras Station’, counted @MarketingDerby. Asa, Wideyed and Human Endeavour collectives braved the ‘serious sub-zero with a biting arctic wind’ (Alex Currie) to represent the Collectives Encounter at Format11 festival pre-launch yesterday. Nobody forgot to mention that ‘a glass or two of mulled wine helped keep fingers and feet warm’ … Continue reading

Alex Currie Salford. Degeneration

Alex Currie has been investigating Salford for our project Degeneration. Salford made famous for its chimney topped roofs used at the start of English soap Coronation Street, has seen some regeneration over the last 5 years. Salford looked set to lose many of its red brick terraced housing through the pathfinder scheme, however a number … Continue reading

Oliver Perrott. Liverpool.

Oliver Perrott has been investigating Toxteth and the Boot Estate in Liverpool as part of our project Degeneration. Toxteth is probably most well known for the Toxteth riots in 1981, now however there are many streets left boarded up awaiting regeneration. Extensive regeneration has taken place in Toxteth over the last few years, including demolition … Continue reading

Degeneration by Human Endeavour.

noun the state or process of being or becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration: overgrazing has caused serious degeneration of grassland. • Medicine deterioration and loss of function. . . ‘Degeneration’ is an on-going project between four photographers Alex Currie, Simon Carruthers, Oliver Perrott and Richard Chivers, produced and curated from inception as a whole body of work, … Continue reading

Introducing Human Endeavour.

Human Endeavour are Alex Currie, Richard Chivers, Simon Carruthers and Oliver Perrott, a photographic collective conceived back in 2007 with the aim of bringing together like-minded photographers with a view to curating and enabling the set up and exhibition of new works around a central theme. The objective is to exhibit photographic work that is … Continue reading