For Human Endeavour: Psychogéographie by Antoine d’Agata (updated)

I have asked Human Endeavour why there weren’t any human being present in their ‘Degeneration‘ series. As they are based in Brighton, some would make a quick connection: Magnum Photo’s Mark Power’s disciples. I leave them explain their choices and approach in another post. Please note that ‘Degeneration’ when exhibited includes research Polaroids taken whilst … Continue reading

Artist Residency at La Chambre Claire in Marseille

deadline: 15th December 2010 no travel expenses but accommodation and artists studio! good news: they accept collectives’ application up to 3 members (if you guys wish to apply, I’ll help you). In French only (but international applications are welcome), but if you don’t understand: google translate does it for you! click on the image to … Continue reading