First Obstacle : CROSSED

At Rawiya we wanted to celebrate with you all, the first obstacle being crossed. One of the Rawiyas got her visa to the UK today. So she is (hmm hmm) on a business visa now and is ready for business with the others     AND FOR THE CELEBRATION   There is still one last … Continue reading

Identity Politics & Flaneurie

  Living in the Middle East can feel as if a hard news cycle dominates your life. For weeks, Middle Easterners were glued to their television sets–a virtual marriage to al Jazeera, riveted by the Egyptian struggle. Because of my new pregnancy I could not go to Egypt–as much as it killed me inside not … Continue reading

from the Middle East to the UK

Rawiya’s members are getting ready for the 2nd Collectives Encounter at Format11. We are sorry for silence but our region is going through a radical change and we are all mesmerised in front of TV, watching news and trying hard not to bite our nails!! Being non UK nationals, most of us had to apply … Continue reading


Rawiya is collectively excited to join in the brainstorming with so many diverse and creative photographers. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves…. Rawiya presents an insider’s view of a region in flux, balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes. Rawiya, meaning ‘she who tells a story’, … Continue reading