Photographs from the talk on Sunday

Collective’s Encounter has well and truly kicked off and what a great event it’s been so far. Went to Derby on Sunday and listened to a Joel Meyerwitz talk with Jane from the Collective too, which made my whole day seem as if I was standing on cloud 9 it was that inspiring. More on that in … Continue reading

Mapping the mapping

On 28th February, ASA Collective and Wideyed arrived in Derby and spent the next eight days there installing and then starting to run Mapping the Flâneur. So, what’s it like? And how does it work? Well… firstly, we download in chronological order the images people have emailed to us, and one-by-one we check they’re the … Continue reading

Orchestra of Disorientation – the final video ready for installation

Click on the image to watch the video in vimeo. Or alternatively click here:  As we’re gearing up to the Format Festival, me and Jane from The Photography Collective are working on press release’s to spread the word about Collectives Encounter. And Martin will be installing the work this weekend in Derby too. Exciting stuff. … Continue reading

Newsha Tavakolian/Rawiya at Prince Claus tonight

Transit Tehran, an Evening about Contemporary Iranian Photography The Prince Claus Fund and De Nieuwe Kerk organise an evening about contemporary Iranian photography that features guest speaker Malu Halasa and photographer Newsha Tavakolian, who was named Best Young Photographer of 2006 by National Geographic. Please read more here the Rawiyas.

being the conductor

© Martin Pickard / The Photography Collective

Hi George here, so updates on the video making so far: Its flowing very well at the moment, I’ve worked most nights 8-11, plus grabbed a few hours in the day when I’m waiting for clients, so its allowed me to really immerse myself into it….. get into the flow of the whole orchestra better, … Continue reading

Thoughts on text

  As our ideas of the flaneur and what we’ve shot start to culminate into it’s final piece, we have been reflecting on the idea of using text within out video. The use of text is prominent in my own personal work, complimenting, questioning or probing deeper into the subjects I explore. So when we … Continue reading

cycle, motion and people. our puzzle starts to fit

Today was a mini meeting of minds for the photography collective as we try to get a cohesive strong video piece  ready for 2 weeks time (eek!!) Developing from our last ideas on the key words, we began to put the different pieces of the puzzle together. The pieces being our photographs, the puzzle our … Continue reading

the flaneur – a viewer who takes pleasure in abandoning himself

The literary critic, Walter Benjamin described the word  “flâneur” as a stroller who aimlessly strolls . They are solitary saunterers, becoming a part of the landscape of their times, a viewer who takes pleasure in abandoning himself to the artificial world of high capitalist civilisation. …….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….……. Langsam durch belebte Strassen zu gehen, ist ein besonderes … Continue reading

Human Endeavour. Research. The Red Road Flats.

An important part of our project Degeneration has been the research we have collected for each location that we have visited. As an example of this I am showing some of our research here of the Red Road Flats in Glasgow. The comprehensive development of central Glasgow areas was the largest of any city in … Continue reading

‘Eye-swiping London: Iain Sinclair, photography and the flâneur’, by Kirsten Seale

“Taking shape like the spectral imprint of a developing photographic image, an apparition emerges from the streets of London to haunt Iain Sinclair’s walks. It is the spectre of the flâneur. This spectral figure in Lights Out for the Territory and London Orbital, Sinclair’s non-fictional accounts of London, signifies a spatio-temporal disruption.  In Sinclair’s texts … Continue reading