Orchestra of Disorientation – the final video ready for installation

Click on the image to watch the video in vimeo. Or alternatively click here: http://vimeo.com/20236127  As we’re gearing up to the Format Festival, me and Jane from The Photography Collective are working on press release’s to spread the word about Collectives Encounter. And Martin will be installing the work this weekend in Derby too. Exciting stuff. … Continue reading

being the conductor

© Martin Pickard / The Photography Collective

Hi George here, so updates on the video making so far: Its flowing very well at the moment, I’ve worked most nights 8-11, plus grabbed a few hours in the day when I’m waiting for clients, so its allowed me to really immerse myself into it….. get into the flow of the whole orchestra better, … Continue reading

Thoughts on text

  As our ideas of the flaneur and what we’ve shot start to culminate into it’s final piece, we have been reflecting on the idea of using text within out video. The use of text is prominent in my own personal work, complimenting, questioning or probing deeper into the subjects I explore. So when we … Continue reading

latest test video – “Orchestra of Disorientation”

So in the last blog I mentioned that Jo, George and myself (I’m Jaskirt btw!) had a mini meeting of minds and starting to brain storm how we should shape the video with our keywords. So George has got to work on some of those key concepts of grouping our photographs and making them flow … Continue reading

cycle, motion and people. our puzzle starts to fit

Today was a mini meeting of minds for the photography collective as we try to get a cohesive strong video piece  ready for 2 weeks time (eek!!) Developing from our last ideas on the key words, we began to put the different pieces of the puzzle together. The pieces being our photographs, the puzzle our … Continue reading

ramping up to the festival

The festival is not that far away now and as it fast approaches we’re getting more exciting about seeing the other collectives as well as our own final piece. So far we have a test video that  is starting to make our collectives work join together, it’s still in it’s infancy, but it’s shaping up … Continue reading

on we roll!

Waiting in a state of limbo as Yasmina will feed back tonight on our test piece. Time is running away with us, will we need to re shoot, but feel the work is in a steady rate of progression. So far it’s been a good atmosphere shooting together, and especially bouncing ideas off each other and … Continue reading

did I become a voyeur in my flaneur state?!

Researching about the flaneur through the Collectives Encounter blog before the first shoot The Photography Collective did, gave me some ideas of what I’d like to explore. I was thinking about this idea of how you can wonder and gaze in one place but your mind can be elsewhere, I also started thinking about the … Continue reading

The Photography Collective

The Photography Collective is a 15-strong group of photographers and fine art professionals from the West of Midlands in the heart of the UK. The group provides a forum to create new projects and exhibitions as well as make new connections and share ideas on fine art photography. The collective also brings together an extensive … Continue reading